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Some Meroites may have played an important role in Buddhism because Blemmyae, a prominent group in the Meroitic Sudan are mentioned in Pali text , is dated to the fourth century BCE.If Blemmya are mentioned in Buddhists text, we can be sure that Meroites (ancient kingdom of Kush) were not ignorant of Kharosthi.Did Buddhism exist in Upper Egypt and the Lower Meroitic Empire? It was in Memphis that English Egyptologist and archaeologist W. These are the first remains of Indians known on the Mediterranean. "on the right side, at the top is the Tibetan Mongolian, below that the Aryan woman of the Punjab, and at the base a seated figure in Indian attitude with the scarf over the left shoulder.The historical evidence of the Kushana having ruled India made the Classical references to Indians, the Gymnosophists in Meroe, an important source for the construction of alternative theories about the possible location of the cognate language of Meroitic.

The article is good but it does not deny the existence of Buddhism in Kush and Egypt, it just explained how the Gymnosophist were presented by Philostratus and Heliodorus in their works about the Meroites.

Other Buddhist elements in Meroitic society was the footprint, elephants and Swastika seen in Meroitic iconography, and the influence of Kharosthi on the Meroitic script.

The Swastika in Buddhism means good luck, it is represented on the Stela of Meteya, published in my book Archaeological Decipherment of Ancient Writing Systems, page 131.

Flavius Philostratus, the writer of the , Vol.1, claimed that the Gymnosophists of Meroe originally came from India.

The fact that the Kushana had formerly ruled India around the time that the Meroitic writing was introduced to the Kushite civilization, led to the hypothesis that the ancestors of the Gymnosophist may have been Kushana philosophers.

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Ashoka was a king of India who worshipped Buddhism.

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