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THE POETICAL WVORKS OF JOHN SKEL T O N: PRINCIPALLY ACCORDING TO THE EDITION OF THE REV. BOSTO'r N: LITTLE, BROWN AND COMPANY NEW YORK: BLAKEMAN AND MASON. Absolon profferyd his heare for to sell, Yet for al his bewte wormys ete him also] stercorry, i. of Meditationes piissimce de cognitione humance conditionis, a piece attributed to Saint Bernard, we find, "_Nihil aliud est homo, quam sperma fcetidum, saccus stercorum, cibus vermium.... in repairing and fortifying the several works, and beautifying the apartments in it [Dover Castle]." Hasted's Hist. iv., by the advice Of Lord Cobham, expended 10,0001. fortified the Tower, and made it strong." Stow's Survey, B.

possess,-or, rather, use: "Surgyons occupy oyntmentes, &c., Vulnarii medici vtuntur," &c.

I made Notingam a place full royall] Leland, =4 -NOTES TO VOLUME I.

The work was not completed till the reign of King Henry VIII.," &c.

"For all is but a cherie feire, This worldes good, so as thei tell." Gower's Conf.

"And that endureth but a throwe, Right as it were a cheriefeste." Id.

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OF THE DEATH OF THE NOBLE PRINCE, KYNGE EDWARDE THE FORTH. Edward the Fourth died April 9th, 1483, in the 41st year of his age and the 23d of his reign: see Sir H.