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The first school of thought is that nerdy men have an aversion to change and won’t hear any of their girlfriend’s suggestions to change them (specifically on the looks department).The other school of thought believes that nerdy men are all for change to please the women they are lucky to be dating.Here is everything I know:-If you don’t put any effort into the relationship, every single day, it ain’t going to last.-If you don’t use your words and communicate with each other effectively, it ain’t going to last. They are also bombarded with unsolicited photos of dudes wearing gimp masks and dick pics. Should you advance to the relationship stage after going out on a few dates, there are some other things you should know:-First, you both need space. I don’t want you to think I’m picking on Star Trek fans because I grew up on a steady diet of .)Now to be clear, I didn’t say using these sites are a bad idea.This open communication has to start before your first date. I mentioned how important finding common ground is, and that common ground could very well be that you think Quark should have had his own series, and his show would have been awesome because the show could have basically been was a television show and not something annoying hipster douchebags say because they had a friend from the United Kingdom say it once to them at the end of a conversation.)In many other cases, you can find that ? And since I’m now writing about Geek Culture as a career , I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to address all those geek-specific dating websites that are popping up and an issue I have with them. (For example, using porn as a replacement for sex with your partner.)That’s why it’s imperative that you communicate what you want and what you need regarding the fun stuff in bed with your partner.Before we get into this, there’s an important thing I need to share with you: I’m one of those super liberal guys that think it’s awesome (and hot) for the girl to make the first move on a date. If you’re not on the same page here, forget everything I’ve said. And hey, watching porn with your partner can be fun too.It’s may sound a bit mean, but at least you are paying attention, which is necessary in maintaining a relationship.Gradually modify his looks Gradually is the key word here.

If all else fails, a blogger who is married to a nerd suggests pretending to be.Especially because if you’re successful, now you’ll have someone to share in the fun.There seems to be conflicting opinions on how a (non-geek) girlfriend should deal with her nerd of a boyfriend.One living a fuller life for having tried something new.That’s hard for all of us to do today, geek or not.

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Especially since we live in a world of Yes means Yes. I made that mistake once a couple of years ago, and I still get a twinge in my stomach thinking about it.)This advice may seem overly cautious, and it is. If you’re a guy, you need to know that our gender has ruined dating and relationships for everyone. I spent a solid two years collecting horror stories from women who used OKCupid, and received daily messages like “Make fuck now? That doesn’t mean don’t help out or pay for things, but it means to keep your stuff separate as much as you can. For the most part, it’s not because they’re jerks, it’s because they’re looking to re-establish a sense of identity that may have been lost within the relationship. And let’s be clear, over time, your partner WILL change their interests. So, I’m an advocate of going out with people who are somewhat different from you right from the start, which brings us to the single-serving dating websites like Star Trek Dating (but also non-geek sites like Trump Singles and Purrsonals, a dating website for cat lovers. This is why dating sites for Trekkies can be a terrible idea.

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