Dating online irkutsk

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Dating online irkutsk

In North America during the 1970s, the frequencies 167, 179 and 191 k Hz were assigned to the short-lived Public Emergency Radio of the United States.Nowadays, in the United States, Part 15 of FCC regulations allow unlicensed use of 136 k Hz and the 160–190 k Hz band at output power up to 1 watt with up to a 15-meter antenna.This is called Low Frequency Experimental Radio (Low FER).

The long-wave broadcasters are located in western, northern, central, and southeastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Mongolia, Algeria, and Morocco.Long-wave carrier frequencies are exact multiples of 9 k Hz; ranging from 153 to 279 k Hz, except for a French-language station, Europe #1 in Germany.This station did keep to correctly spaced channels spacing for 4 months—only 7 years ago, and all Mongolian transmitters are 2 k Hz above the internationally recognized channels.Some radio broadcasters, for instance Droitwich transmitting station in the UK, derive their carrier frequencies from an atomic clock, allowing their use as frequency standards.Droitwich also broadcasts a low bit-rate data channel, using narrow-shift phase-shift keying of the carrier, for Radio Teleswitch Services.

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Non-directional beacons transmit continuously for the benefit of radio direction finders in marine and aeronautical navigation.

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