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Dating sites for different ethnicities of kazakhstan

The competition between the Kazakh language and Russian, still widely used by many urban residents as a part of the Soviet legacy, has an impact on access.

Kazakhtelecom introduced a record 120 Mbps connection speed in 2015.

Laws passed in 2014 authorize the state to shut down communication services at the discretion of the prosecutor general's office without a court order if “networks are used for felonious aims to damage the interests of individuals, society or state,” including the dissemination of illegal information, calls for extremism, terrorism, mass riots, or participation in unauthorized public gatherings.

This regulation could cover telephony, text messages, and instant messaging applications.

The government imposes no restrictions on the bandwidth of access offered by ISPs, but it centralizes the infrastructure in a way that facilitates control of content and surveillance.

Kazakhtelecom, through its operations and a number of subsidiaries, holds a monopoly on backbone infrastructure; Beeline is the only independent backbone provider.

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Though still an emerging destination for international study, Kazakhstan and its universities are fast claiming a place on the higher education map.