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Live updating website software

This project is the internet's How you learn is different from everybody else.

But here at Live Lingua we believe that for some things there is still no replacement for the personal touch. But after a few years as we grew slowly by word of mouth we found that people stayed with us and recommended us NOT because we were huge, but because we weren't. The fact that almost every staff member at Live Lingua knew their names and their need even if they had never met before.It is the same way diplomats from hundreds of years ago learned.They took lessons from professional teachers who were native speakers of the language they wanted to learn. Live Lingua is a traditional language school, which just happens to be online.Think about it, if software alone was really an effective way to learn something, we Live Lingua is not an audio course where you spend hours repeating what a tape, audio file or podcast tells you to. These are websites that pride themselves on having thousands, or tens of thousands of tutors for you to choose from.But with so many tutors what are the chances that the one you choose is any good? If there is a problem, do you have a personal class coordinator - a live person - who is there to support you?

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We have not discovered the undiscovered secret to language learning like some other services claim. Our method of language learning is old, even ancient.