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Lobel dating

Before the year was out, she had put her employer firmly back in front and, while she was at it, demonstrated that her popularity with viewers remained unmatched.“There was a certain fire from Natalie that was hotter than it had ever been when she started to solo-anchor that show,” says Joe Murray, who produced Channel 5’s 6 o’clock news until he became managing editor of Hearst-Argyle’s WMUR-TV in New Hampshire last year. Everyone who worked there noticed that.” While Jacobson also fronts the 5 to block with Anthony Everett, her duties on the 6 o’clock news — a broadcast whose credits literally end with her signature — remain her chief source of motivation. “It’s the one thing that makes me excited to go to work and the one thing I have left that allows me to communicate with the audience.” That show alone, however, might not provide a sufficient outlet for her considerable ambition much longer — and if that happens, her bosses may balk at bending as far as they once did to placate their star.She owns two very nice houses and a very nice Audi convertible and what must be a very healthy retirement account. It’s hard to define what that ultimate goal is, but she never feels like she’s gotten there.Yet even as Jacobson should be coasting through her gilded years, she is not entirely satisfied. I don’t know if she’s ever going to be fully fulfilled.

Never mind, for now, the subject that brought on the tears. Never mind — or, rather, forgive — the folly of parsing Jacobson’s emotions the way we do the slightest changes to her hairstyle.

At an age when the few female newscasters who have made it that long often face demotion or forced retirement, she had outlasted rivals of both genders.

As always, it wasn’t only her genial screen persona that had led to her success. When La Camera handed her the reins of the 6, he bucked tradition at Channel 5’s parent company, Hearst-Argyle Television.

Because there’s more to be lost than gained.'” But that was a different era. When Jacobson, in the style of her national counterparts Diane Sawyer and Paula Zahn, pushed for an even higher profile at Channel 5 during her last contract negotiations in 20, the station granted part of her wish by launching a special Natalie page on its website, complete with her most high-profile interviews and favorite recipes ( magazine has a broadcast collaboration with the station).

But it stopped short of green-lighting her request to host a televised town meeting each month, agreeing to do the specials just four times a year.

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She certainly looks serene enough to the 165,000 households who tune in to watch the sunny, self-assured Jacobson deliver the headlines at 6 o’clock on WCVB-TV, in a broadcast that draws higher average ratings than not only every other news show in the local market, but much of the networks’ prime-time programming.

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