Stompz online dating

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Stompz online dating

But unlike any haptics technology initiatives aforementioned, the Prio VR is essentially a controller-free interface because it is worn throughout the user’s body.

It features a controller arm with 6 degrees of freedom movement sensing, and a stylus for object manipulation.

Isn’t it cool to control games such as tennis, boxing, or even basketball using your own body movements – all in virtual reality? Body motion tracking technologies are currently being developed for the future of virtual reality.

Similar to hand tracking technology, body motion tracking is a concept in the field of haptics technology, where body movements are being interpreted by motion sensors as perceived input and turns it into useful controls.

Control VR is worn on the user’s body, having multiple sensors built within its unit that work to sense physical movements from the user.

It can be used to operate a personal computer, so it’s not limited to VR headsets.

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As of now, the KOR-FX gaming vest is compatible with PCs and gaming consoles.

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