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As far as disclosing your fantasy/fetish to your significant other, I told my wife about my thing for electro torture a year or so before we got married.

He is paranoid and does not believe she just wants an interview with him, but thinks she is working with the feds.if you're into the grim side with torture and pain and a bad ending, it's much less likely that she'd go along than if you're satisfied with peril and threat but ultimate rescue... Mad Bob * The picture you posted on post #6230 is an awesome piece of work! I like the after scene as well, where she's left naked in her cell. In the early days of my current (long term) relationship we watched a few bondage movies together, but she wasn't really into them.They were quite mild, and not the more extreme stuff that I like.I use the strategy of asking her what her fantasies are and then telling her some of mine, starting with the lightest versions first just to open the door. ) Ted raises a good point to remember in any relationship with a woman: You need to be clear in advance on how to answer the trick questions that come into them with mother's milk. a bunch of naked guys taking turns fucking her while she's tied, but she can see me watching and knows she'll pay when they are done.) Two things that require more care: Getting her to participate (I agree that's not so common), and sharing all the way to the depth of your darkest places. Maybe a short non-fatal clip of electro (nobody willing to try that one yet).I've found a couple who were open enough to play along, and some who found they dug it up to a point. If your partner is into control in the relationship--you've given her dynamite ammunition against yourself, and you'll find out soon. But if I have to keep an important part of me hidden, the relationship isn't likely to be a long-term keeper, and I'd rather know upfront.

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She does not know anything and in the process of the torture, goes unconscious a few times.

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