Updating database using asp

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Free counters Added on January 19,2012 Follow Me @vmsdurano A bit About Me Disclaimer The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and does not represent the opinions of my employers.Nor does it represent the opinion of my dog, because I don’t have one.I've recently returned to a web site project that has been on the backburner.Since recommencing work I've noticed css and javascript changes aren't being recognised by the application when it's running in Visual Studio Development Server. I could change stylesheets and javascript and run the app and test.Hitting the save button will invoke the method Save Customer Info() which is responsible for doing the insert operation.Now if we look at the database we can see that the data we entered was successfully being saved to the database.See the screen shot below: Hi Vinz, mabuhay, and thank you for your blog! Assuming that I'm creating an "insert" form similar to the one at the top, but with one of the values required being a foreign key to the table, it would be better to use a drop-down list for the FK. Collin Nunis Hello This blog is so much helpful for me but one thing that i want to know is that if i take "postalcode" datatype to "int" in database then how can i convert this textbox value to int??? Text); Also i want to know the datetime conversion! thanks for tutorial, it really help me, so what about editing data with linq to sql??I would like to know how to code the drop-down list as I keep getting errors. I tried something like this but it is not working:cust. and if there a null value, have a message that the field of..null, please insert,,and if the data is duplicate ex custumer id, have a message could not a duplicate data,,i need your help..thank you...^___^ @mohsin, When converting string to int or datetime type then make sure that the value to be converted has a vaild datetime or int value or else it will fail. Insert On Submit(cust); In the above line of code from where do u get the Insert On Submit(); function????

I've also moved some functionality out in seperate WCF services, hosted by console apps (two service hosts) which are put into debug when the web site starts up in debug. Checking out (using VSS 2005) ALL the files to ensure nothing is read only does nothing.

Since we are going to use L2S then we need to add file.

To do this, just right click on the application root and select Add New Item. See below screen shot: Now open up server explorer in Visual Studio and browse the database that you wan’t to work on (in this case the Northwind database).

To avoid exceptions you may try using Try Parse instead. is it a stored procedure or added automatically by the entity framework? I want to required gridview after complition of submitting data and extra functionality like edit update & delete with help of Grid View_Row Command event, Grid View_edit event, Grid View_delete event, Grid View_paging event,and more field like based on two Drop down listone of base on first E. state and City,and second one split function (three dropdown)please reply me as soon as possible.

Overview In most projects we see that we are not able to track the database properly.

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Just for the purpose of this example I’m going to use the Customers table from the northwind database and drag it to the design surface.