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After registering with Insightly, you'll use your email address as your user ID for signing in.If your email address changes, your Insightly administrator can update the address/user ID for Insightly from the System Settings When you're the only person on your account, you're also the only account owner and administrator.We will not, under any circumstances, edit the comments on our users’ blogs at your request.1) Log in to issuu.com, hover over your profile photo in the top right-hand corner and select "ACCOUNT SETTINGS" from the dropdown menu.These instructions will help you navigate that process.

This is the same as you see when people comment on your blog.

If you are able to log in to your Couchsurfing account, you should be able to update your email address in your Account & Settings page.

If you are unable to log in to your Couchsurfing account and need to update your email address, or if you are unable to update your email because your password isn't working, please check out this article so that we can help! Once this is done, you can start the email change process described above.

If you forget your password, you can request a new one by logging out of your account and clicking on the "Forgot Password? You can also unsubscribe from Couchsurfing emails using the "Unsubscribe" link found in all emails we send.

Try to add [email protected] [email protected] your email address book, or follow your email provider's instructions to whitelist us. · If you've received a message from us that states that we have had problems delivering messages to you, please make sure that you have tried the suggestions above.

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If you contact us for help, we will require an email from the address registered with the account as this proves account ownership. We require each user account to also use a unique email address.

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