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Updating subclipse

Click Next again, accept the license agreement and click Finish 5.

Commit any changes in your local copy to your branch.

If you have changes you don't want to commit to your branch, create a patch (team/create patch) and then replace with base revision (replace with/base revision). Note: If you keep your branch and a copy of the trunk at the same revision, you can update the trunk first to see what files will be affected in the revision merge.

The merge will have created changes in your local copy. Commit the changes along with a message about the revisions that you merged.

It can happen that the connectors install prompt does not appear or you’ve dismissed it when it did.

In this case you can install the required connector manually as follows: 8.1. again and paste the following update site link in Work with field and press Enter: 8.2. Go through the installation steps, accept the security warning prompt and choose to restart at the end To learn how to use the Subversive plugin read Subversive Tutorial or go through the more extensive Subversive User Guide.

You can find installation instructions for both Subclipse and Subversive plugins below.

If you are running m2eclipse 0.9.8 or 0.9.9 you must either uninstall m2eclipse from your Eclipse installation or start with a fresh installation of Eclipse.

In addition to the core m2eclipse components, the following optional components are available from a separate update site.

Wait for the software list to load and the Pending… https://dl.bintray.com/subclipse/releases/subclipse/latest/ 2. Check the Subclipse, Subversion Client Adapter, SVNKit Client Adapter and SVNKit Library entries in the list 3.

Uncheck the option that says Contact all update sites during install to find required software and click Next 4.

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To move projects between Studio and SVN, you must first install Subversion’s Subeclipse plugin in Studio.