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See more » Crystal City (the stated location of the bad guy's apartment house and location of the chase in the underground parking garage) is in Virginia.

DC Police (MPDC) would not respond to calls there (unless under Mutual Aid circumstances, a super rare thing) See more » So I gave this movie a 10, but that's coming from a thriller fan.

A petty thief is gunned down in an alley and a Congressman's assistant falls in front of a subway - two seemingly unrelated deaths.

Late last year, the Sudanese cabinet approves a draft amendment to a law that would potentially give authorities power to further censor the press.

Numeroasele sale articole și publicații l-au făcut în Italia una din cele mai importante, populare și influente personalități ale secolului 20.

East Liberty, a section of Pittsburgh, is shortened by natives to Sliberty.

It's one of those things by which you know someone is from Pittsburgh.

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Sudan's security service arrests journalists who cover the country's anti-inflation protests and have been holding one local reporter for over two weeks without charge.